City Art Gallery in Częstochowa invites all photographers to take part in new art contest

8. International exhibition Still life in photography

FIAP patronage nr 2018/455


Fotoklub RP patronage no 221/2018 

„Still life in photography” began in 2003, with the convinced about the need of creating such a type of photo presentation and its international uniqueness. Next events was international, three times under the patronage of FIAP. Some well-known European photographers sent us their works. The very special character of the event caused that all authors felt equal and appreciated.

Watching photographs of previous editions, it’s easy to realize how creative, artistic and unfinished the innovativeness of still life photographers is. Many of them participate in the Salon systematically that makes it possible to follow their artistic growth.

Though everything has already been said in art, the magic of objects and respect to details, supported by author’s intellectual vision, can still delight us.

Janusz Mielczarek
Salon Commissioner

The rules and entry form  - in attatchment 

Closing date: 10 October 2018
Participation fee: 12,- EUR
Contact: (34) 324 55 81;  

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