photography, painting, drawing
9 June – 7 October 2018
Opening: 8 June 2018, 6 PM 

In Zdzisław Beksiński’s oeuvre, photography forms a separate chapter set within strict time limits. He started his artistic work with photography and he remained fascinated with it throughout the 1950s. Finally, in 1959, he abandoned this artistic form. Later he became known as a painter and illustrator. He also undertook sculpting and computer graphics, but he did not come back to photography. For most of his life, Beksiński distanced himself from his photographic works. He gave up photography with a belief that he would no longer be able to express anything with this technique, though critics and researchers maintain that it was in this form that he reached his best. His artistic record, consisting of one hundred and several dozen of images, belongs to one of the most important achievements of 20th century Polish photography. Beksiński is now seen as an innovative artist who went beyond the canon and set multiple trends that the world’s photography recognised much later, such as body-art, conceptualism or photo-media art. His images were a far cry from what was then accepted as reportage aesthetics or even traditional photography. They were created intuitively and out of the artist’s great imagination, which places them somewhere on the border between hallucinations and dreams, reaching the limits of reality.

            “Limits of reality” is the new version of exhibition prepared for The Museum of Zdzisław Beksiński. With ten works from Anna and Piotr Dmochowski’s collection lent out to the exhibition in Warsaw Archdiocese Museum, the City Art Gallery in Częstochowa nonetheless invites you to experience the artist’s work and to discover his artistic potential. The new exhibition, “Limits of reality,” will include paintings never shown here before, borrowed from private or museum collections (e.g. from National Museum in Kielce and National Museum in Krakow). The visitors’ focus, though, will be on exploring the wide selection of photographs lent by the current holder of the Dmochowskis’ collection – Nowa Huta Cultural Centre.



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