17/04- 19/05/2019


Written by Krzysztof Matyjaszczyk – the president of Częstochowa:

Grzegorz Skowronek – Polish for ‘a lark’ – is a fellow who has been native to Częstochowa’s natural environment for years.  It is safe to say that Częstochowa is Grzegorz Skowronek’s natural habitat.
Skowronek – much like a lark – aims for the sky. He doesn’t sing; instead, he captures the everyday life of Częstochowa: the changes in nature, the important events in politics, art and sports, and the city’s achievements, joys, and sorrows.

He does it because it’s in his nature and because he knows how to do it.

 Depending on the intentions of his flight, he:

- recaptures the zeitgeist,

- preserves the spirit of a place,

- breathes life into urban spaces,

- inspires social empathy,

- promotes vigilance among citizens.

He likes Częstochowa, so he animates it. Although he moves on invisible editorial strings, he is free and imaginative.
Grzegorz Skowronek is a rare and valuable species.
Enjoy his photographs and remember that he is under strict protection in Poland.

May he continue to fly as the years go by!


Grzegorz Skowronek about Grzegorz Skowronek:

“Photographs are like memories. They can make you laugh, and they can make you emotional.” [1]

I was born in Częstochowa in 1973. I have been working in Częstochowa’s branch of Gazeta Wyborcza for 25 years now. I’m interested in people and events. As a photographer, I’m looking for unusual situations, emotions, informal gestures, and fleeting moments which irreversibly disappear. I try to be an invisible observer. I don’t take cliche photos of obvious themes to avoid boring both the Reader and myself. Częstochowa is a peculiar city and it is interesting in itself, colourful in its diversity and it doesn’t cease to surprise me. Looking at it through the lens of my camera is a constant source of happiness.

I love being a photojournalist. Although it makes my private life much less organised, I couldn’t imagine a better job for myself. Thanks to the fact that I work for Gazeta Wyborcza, my photographs are featured in the most important articles in Poland and abroad and I can attend numerous interesting events.

Cartier-Bresson claims that in photography the moment in which you press the shutter button is the only moment that matters. As a photographer, you have to find this moment. You have to find the impression and composition in space. You must have the intuition to capture them in a photograph at the right moment. If you miss it, it’s gone forever.

I like taking pictures of pilgrimages and Jasna Góra monastery, although it requires great patience, finesse and discretion. I like photographing political events, most of which are local, but nonetheless very interesting. Although sports events in my city are small-scale and don’t always make the headlines, they are still fascinating. I don’t mind taking “normal pictures” of, for example, people in a shop, a road under construction or an incorrectly parked car. I always do my best, because I like my job. My older colleague, Maciek Kukliński, has always told me that even a trivial photo of a pothole will be signed with my name.

I was honoured in the national press photo contest Grand Press Photo and in the local photo contest Częstochowa’s Atmosphere [Klimaty Częstochowy] [2]. However, I’m not particularly fond of such competitions. I don’t like being disappointed.

I’ve got a wonderful family – a wife and two sons. Igor is studying IT at the University of Wrocław and wants to become a programmer in the future. Maciek is a student at the Technical High School [TZN] and shares my passion for photography and winter swimming. Our house is ruled by two adopted cats – Niuńka and Balbina. I run marathons and I’m a vegetarian. For a few years now, we have gone to Kostrzyn with my family and friends to soak the energy and the atmosphere of Pol’and’Rock Festival [Przystanek Woodstock]. That’s what I like: love, friendship, tolerance, and rock and roll.



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