16/03 – 5/05/2019
Art Gallery for Promoting Young Artists “Antresola” [Galeria Promocji Młodych Antresola]
vernissage 15/03/2019, 6 pm

During her exhibition Imagination, Małgorzata Bryndza presents her oil paintings created in the last few years. Bryndza avoids replicating reality. Her paintings are bursting with colour. She focuses on building upon the impression, eliminating any descriptiveness. The interplay of colours and impasto effects are the main characteristics of her paintings. Bryndza describes her work as follows:

“I create my own vision of reality which is consistent with the emotions I feel when I’m painting. (...) In my paintings I do not copy reality, but rather attempt to find a new way to express it. It is my conscious decision to turn away from drawing particular objects in order to change the way of expression and strengthen my paintings’ influence. I create only the essence of objects. My goal is to create paintings with great aesthetic quality and compelling expression.”

Małgorzata Bryndza
Born in 1989 in Częstochowa. She graduated with honours from the Faculty of Art of the Jan Dlugosz University, where in 2013 she received a diploma at the Department of Visual Communication run by professor Andrzej Desperak. She also graduated from the Faculty of Textile and Fashion at the Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź. She is a member of the Association of Polish Artists and Designers, Częstochowa District. She specialises in easel painting, graphics and shoe design.


2012 - Four elements [Cztery żywioły], collective exhibition , Hooper Bay, Częstochowa

2012 - Three dimensions [Trzy wymiary], collective exhibition , Hooper Bay, Częstochowa

2014 - Polish National Drawing Exhibition [Ogólnopolska Wystawa Rysunku], The Wozownia Art Gallery, Toruń

2014 - Diploma fashion show [Pokaz kolekcji dyplomowej], Fashion Promotion Centre, Łódź

2015 - The Bru Sale - Brussels

2017 - Symphony [Współbrzmienie], collective exhibition, Zwiastun Gallery, City Art Gallery, Częstochowa

2017 - 3rd International Art Competition - Contemporary Landscape, City Art Gallery, Częstochowa

2018 - Marian Michalik National Painting Competition for Young Artists [Ogólnopolski Konkurs dla Młodych Artystów im. Mariana Michalika], City Art Gallery, Częstochowa



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